A low cost, lightweight, high drag, chase cam. It easily snaps together and breaks down. Balance points for a variety of cameras and a flat surface mount for GoPro or adhesive sticky mounts.

Snag free connection points to ensure your wings lines stay clear. Launch and land while capturing every second of your flight, without tangles from zip ties or 3D prints that deform in heat.

There are small pegs for wrapping the line and bridle during assembled storage. It makes it easy to remove from your wing and store. The pegs also serve as a way to click together the fins and wrap the tow line while broken down.

The tow line itself is an adjustable 18’ with a 16” bridle allowing for line-free unobstructed photos and videos.

  • Dimensions: 290mm x 250mm
  • Weight: 162g
  • Bridle: 16" / 40cm
  • Tow line: 18' / 548cm


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PPG Smoke Chase Cam

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